Step 1 – Fill out the pre-entry enquiry form here or at our office.

Step 2 – Your ward attends an assessment day (for preschool, this will be a booked informal interview. For Years 1+, there will be two fixed dates to choose from.

Step 3 – Attend a follow up interview & discussion with ward (Years 1+).

Step 4 – A Student Identification Number will be generated for your ward

Step 5 – Enrolment & Fees Payment.

Please contact the Administration Office for more information

There is usually a waiting list for Preschool and there can be for specific classes at Primary & Secondary. Once we receive your enquiry request, you will be informed of those classes with limited vacancies and the school will notify waitlisted applicants.

There are no fixed entry requirements. Our assessment day, admission forms and interviews will help us assess your ward’s individual requirements and needs to ensure that they get the full support that they need from parents and staff.

Admissions are done on a rolling basis throughout the academic year if there is a vacancy. When looking to join Aves ahead of a new academic year, the application must be complete before the scheduled assessment dates. We do not take new admissions for the third term of an academic year.


For Years 1+, this assessment is in the form an assessment day, which involves two written aptitude tests (qualitative and quantitative), a general observation and group tasks with peers. A follow up interview and discussion are also arranged, and provisions made for the ward.

Each test will be approximately one hour, with the group work lasting for a total of 2.5 hours. There will be a short recess in between each test, and a lunch break in the afternoon. Lunch will be provided by the academy.

There is no specific preparation required ahead of the assessment. However, since each test is designed to assess information that we hope our students know at each level at Aves, your ward may generally revise their notes from their most-recent academic year.

A follow up interview and meeting is arranged with the parents and ward to discuss all our observations and the learning plan that will be put in place for your ward moving forward. There will also be an orientation ahead of the new academic year for all new students to give them a proper introduction to and understanding of the Cambridge curriculum, our school values, what we expect from them, and what we expect from parents. The date for this will be communicated to parents.

If parents cannot make these dates, we will do our best to make special provision for them. We can also arrange interviews over Skype for anyone who may not be in the country.

No, the assessment day is solely for students.


For Preschool, the Montessori teaching framework and EYFS are taught. For Primary & Secondary, we implement the Cambridge curriculum.

Yes, in some subject areas like English, Mathematics, and Science. However, our curriculum focuses more on global content while incorporating some local content where relevant.

The Cambridge curriculum forces students to think innovatively, critically and analytically. With its high ranking and international recognition, it also exposes our students to a global world, levels the playing field for them wherever they may go and opens up a wealth of international opportunity to them.

No, they cannot. Our curriculum does not cover the requirements of BECE.

They still can. They also have the advantage of being able to attend university anywhere in the world.

A large number of our students come from GES based schools and find themselves adapting and excelling in no time. We make provision for such students and teachers tailor their lesson plans to help ease the transition.

Yes, Aves is a fully accredited Cambridge Associate School.


Please refer to the Facilities page in the About section.

In preschool, we enrol a maximum of 16 students, and in primary school we enrol a maximum of 24 students per class. Each class has at least one class teacher and one teaching assistant.

Preschool (Crèche – Reception), Primary and Secondary school.

Our Year 6 students write the Cambridge Key Stage 2 exams in English, Mathematics & Science. At the Secondary level, our students will write IGCSE in Year 10.

Please contact the Administration Office for more information.


Our co-curricular activities run Monday through Thursday. There are additional intermittent rotations of sports events, health talks, leadership workshops, and quizzes or showcases throughout the term.

Students have a breadth of options to choose from. They include ballet, drama & dance, writers & debaters, computer programming, arts & crafts, swimming, chefs, karate, chefs and sports. Please contact the Administration Office for more information.

Most of our activities are incorporated into the school fees and are mandatory. A few (non-mandatory) options require an additional cost.


Not at the moment. We plan to incorporate boarding facilities for years 9+ in the near future.

No, all uniforms and kits must be purchased from the school.

It is our reward grouping system through which most of our activities are done to encourage teamwork, and a healthy sense of competitiveness amongst our students.

There is an outsourced shuttle service option available to parents. Arrangements must be made directly with the company. Please contact our Administration Office for further information.


For Preschool, we provide breakfast, snack and lunch. For Primary & Secondary, we provide snack and lunch. This is incorporated into the tuition & fees.

Our school fees include feeding, but students with specific dietary requirements should contact the Administration Office to make further arrangements.


The administration office is open from 7:30am – 4:30pm Monday to Friday. We are not open on public holidays. During the school break, we are open Monday to Thursday, 9am – 12pm daily.

Tours of our facilities are available daily from 9am – 4pm from Monday – Friday. You can visit us or call in advance to schedule a tour. For large groups, you must make a booking.

   (+233) 266-153097

  VRA Road Community 25, Tema